Be warned: they may just be the ultimate in aural seduction.
— The Walleye Magazine


Ghostly Hounds combines strings, horns and powerful vocals to create a dark, jazzy sound.  The project features the songs of vocalist and banjo player Francesca Daoust accompanied by Matthew Dorfman on double bass and Suzanne Stirling on trumpet and mandolin and Vimul Him on cello and saw.  Currently based out of Montréal and often on the road, the band's members hail from British Columbia, Ontario, Québec, and Massachusetts. 

Ghostly Hounds self-produced their debut demos in November 2015, only a month after beginning to play together.  In the preceding year the band has toured Canada coast to coast, playing over 100 shows from PEI to Vancouver Island.  

On June 5th, 2017 Ghostly Hounds released their debut full length album "Creature".  The album features 1 traditional and 10 original songs written by Francesca Daoust and arranged and performed by the band.  They can presently be found somewhere on the road between Montréal and Vancouver.

Like the siren enchanting the sailor into the depths, Francesca Daoust’s voice may drown you, but what a sweet death it will be.
— Naked Undergound MTL

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Or contact Francesca directly at +1 (438) 346-1762

Photo by Andrew Balfour

Photo by Andrew Balfour